Miami Dolphins 2020 schedule: 3 intriguing matchups

The AFC East is ready for a shakeup and, despite the Bills being the favorites for the title, it really is anyone’s for the taking and that includes the Miami Dolphins. 

Miami made serious moves in the offseason, which was headlined with the drafting of rookie quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. While he may not be the starter over veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick, there might be a few games where coach Brian Flores could test Tua's waters.

After going 5-11 and finishing at the bottom of their division, the Dolphins are looking for a comeback season.

Here are some of the intriguing matchups on the Dolphins’ 2020 schedule.




The Dolphins are on the road for Week 1 as they take on the defending AFC East champions. Despite a new era in New England, a win here won’t come easy.

With Ryan Fitzpatrick possibly at the helm, the Dolphins have an edge over second-year quarterback Jarett Stidham. The pressure will be on for Stidham who is taking centerstage following Tom Brady’s departure — a point of weakness that Miami’s defense will surely capitalize on.

The two will meet again in Week 15.


Another AFC East matchup in Week 2 will be a challenge for the Dolphins, especially when it's against the Bills who are looking to stake their claim as division champs.

Miami will be back home for this Thursday night primetime game.


Another AFC challenge for Miami but, while this one might not be a race to the top of the division, both the Jets and Dolphins will be desperate for wins considering their respective schedules.

The Dolphins will take on the Jets in Week 10 before going into a bye and then once again playing in Miami. Flores will likely start Fitzpatrick before considering putting in Tagovailoa for either matchup, depending on how the games play out.

Two wins in a row will be necessary for the Dolphins as they go off to take on the Kansas City Chiefs, the Patriots and the Bills.