Giants should draft this QB to replace Daniel Jones: Ex-Jets GM

Tannenbaum, the former Jets GM, said this week that the Giants should select Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields

Mike Tannenbaum thinks it’s already time for the Giants to move on from Daniel Jones.

But another big name formerly with the Jets, Keyshawn Johnson, does not believe Gang Green should bail yet on Sam Darnold.

Tannenbaum, the former Jets GM who now is an analyst for ESPN, said this week that the 1-7 Giants should select Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields if they have the chance in the draft to replace Jones, who has committed 13 turnovers in eight games this season and 36 over 21 games over his first two NFL seasons.


“If I was them, I would draft Justin Fields from Ohio State,” Tannenbaum said Tuesday during an appearance on ESPN’s “Get Up” program. “He’s a better athlete, he’s more accurate, he makes less mistakes and if you said, ‘I could either have Jones or Fields for the next 10 years,’ if I’m the Giants, I’m taking Fields.”

The Ohio State junior, who will lead his third-ranked team this week against Rutgers, has completed 48 of 55 passes for 594 yards with six touchdowns and zero interceptions in the Buckeyes’ 2-0 start.

Meanwhile, Johnson continues to preach patience for the winless Jets (0-8) in terms of potentially grabbing Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence at the top of the 2021 NFL Draft to replace Keyshawn’s fellow USC alum Sam Darnold.

“Sam Darnold is not going anywhere,” Johnson said Wednesday on his ESPN radio show with Jay Williams and Zubin Mehenti. “What they’re gonna do with that No.1 overall pick is they’re going to move it for somebody else, if somebody else wants (Lawrence), like the New England Patriots, for instance. Take him. Give us your next 10 drafts, your No.1 picks. If you believe that he’s the next guy, then take him.”

Jets fans obviously would be squeamish about making such a deal with New England, of course, but Johnson had made similar comments about Darnold last month.

“You’ve got bigger holes on your team than the quarterback,” Johnson said on his radio show in late October. “You drafted a guy three years ago with the third pick in the draft because he was your Trevor Lawrence.

“[Darnold] has nothing around him. Nothing. Zero, zilch, right? Nothing. He looks good at times and bad at times with nothing around him.”


Johnson also said Wednesday that he believes teams shouldn’t be so open to quickly give up on a highly-drafted quarterback. He cited the Cardinals’ decision last season to move on from Josh Rosen and draft Kyler Murray with the first overall pick as the exception, not the rule.

“They keep thinking because one thing happened with Arizona, that now this is the new trend in the National damn Football League. Stop. Because it’s not,” Johnson said. “But what happens is people are using that to say well it doesn’t matter, it happened in Arizona, and then they using …argument that (Clemson coach) Dabo Swinney may come too. ‘Oh, you can package Dabo Swinney up with Trevor Lawrence.’ Like, just stop. Stop it.”