Looking to buy a home? Here's what you often forget to consider

Here's what you might be overlooking

You're on the hunt for your next home. You know what you're looking for — a large kitchen, a modern bathroom and a two-car garage. But are there things you may be overlooking?

Here are the top things people often forget to check for when looking for a home to buy.

Storage Buildings

The usual focal point for home hunters viewing a listing is the house itself. Location is often at the forefront too. Outbuildings for tool and utility storage don’t often get much consideration, but they should. Even if the house you’re looking at comes with a garage, a separate storage shed will be a huge help. Lawnmowers, snow removal equipment, and woodworking and gardening tools all need to be stored somewhere dry and safe, and that’s where properties with sheds have a big advantage.

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The Neighborhood

If the home that’s for sale is in a neighborhood you don’t know well, it’s worth a few trips to the neighborhood during different times of day. Check out the neighborhood at night.Is it a place where you’d feel safe once the sun goes down? Is the home in a college neighborhood where late-night parties may keep you up at night?

Cell Signal

If you rely on a cell phone for just about everything, check to see if you can get a signal inside the home for sale. If you can’t get cell service, will this be a problem for you? Learn how to get better cell phone reception at home.

Your Commute

What will your commute be like to and from work? Test your commute from the house that’s for sale. See what rush hour is like in the morning and in the evening.


Noise can be an issue for many home buyers. Is there plane or train traffic noise? Is the home near a freeway? If you’re a light sleeper, noise can be major problem.

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