Last KITT from 'Knight Rider' ready to jump the auction block

Self-driving cars? That’s so 1980’s.

The last fully intact Knight Industries Two-Thousand, better known as KITT from “Knight Rider,” is being offered to the highest bidder at the Julien’s Auctions Hollywood Legends Auction being held June 26-27.

The computer-controlled car used its artificial intelligence and autonomous driving capabilities on the show to assist David Hasselhoff’s Michael Knight character fight crime. It also used its Turbo Boost to make impossibly awesome jumps, no ramp required.

The black, 1982 Pontiac Trans Am T-top looks to be in excellent condition for a three-decade old car. It’s fully decked out with its original, high tech for the era interior, which features LED instruments, twin CRT displays, so many buttons, a pistol grip steering wheel, and rich velour bucket seats.

Unfortunately, the car can’t actually drive itself, nor is it equipped with William Daniel’s disembodied voice. It does come with call sheets that detail when it was used in the show, and its iconic red scanning lights on the nose do work.

This kind of technology isn’t cheap, however, even if it doesn’t work. Each KITT reportedly cost about $100,000 to build, and this one has a pre-auction estimate of $200,000-$300,000.